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School Districts in Trinity County, California

From the drop-down menu below, select the School District in which the school is located

DistrictAddressOfficial WebsitePhone
Burnt Ranch ElementaryPO Box 39
Burnt Ranch CA 95527-0039
www.tcoek1 ... 2.org530-629-2543 
Coffee Creek ElementaryHCR 2 Box 4740
Trinity Center CA 96091-9503
www.tcoe.t ... chool530-266-3344 
Cox Bar ElementaryPO Box 529
Big Bar CA 96010-0529
www.tcoe.t ... s/~cb530-623-6316 
Douglas City ElementaryPO Box 280
Douglas City CA 96024-0280
www.tcoe.t ... s/~dc530-623-6350 
Junction City Elementary430 Red Hill Rd.
Junction City CA 96048
www.juncti ... l.org530-623-6381 
Lewiston Elementary685 Lewiston Rd.
Lewiston CA 96052
www.tcoek1 ... .html530-778-3984 
Mountain Valley UnifiedPO Box 339
Hayfork CA 96041-0339
Southern Trinity Joint Unified156 Van Duzen Rd.
Bridgeville CA 95526
Trinity Center ElementaryPO Box 127
Trinity Center CA 96091-0127
www.tcoek1 ... .html530-266-3342 
Trinity County Office of EducationPO Box 1256
Weaverville CA 96093-1256
www.tcoek1 ... 2.org530-623-2861 
Trinity Union HighPO Box 1227
Weaverville CA 96093-1227
www.trinit ... s.org530-623-6104 
Weaverville ElementaryPO Box 1000
Weaverville CA 96093-1000
www.tcoe.t ... wespa530-623-5533