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School Districts in Kern County, California

From the drop-down menu below, select the School District in which the school is located

DistrictAddressOfficial WebsitePhone
Arvin Union Elementary737 Bear Mountain Blvd.
Arvin CA 93203-1413
http://arv ... ca.us661-854-6500 
Bakersfield City1300 Baker St.
Bakersfield CA 93305-4326
Beardsley Elementary1001 Roberts Ln.
Bakersfield CA 93308-4503
www.beards ... l.org661-393-8550 
Belridge Elementary19447 Wagon Wheel Rd.
McKittrick CA 93251-9715
http://kcs ... ridge661-762-7381 
Blake ElementaryPO Box 40
Woody CA 93287-0040
Buttonwillow Union Elementary400 McKittrick Hwy.
Buttonwillow CA 93206-9726
Caliente Union Elementary12400 Caliente Creek Rd.
Caliente CA 93518-2851
www.calien ... t.org661-867-2301 
Delano Joint Union High1747 Princeton St.
Delano CA 93215-1501
Delano Union Elementary1405 12th Ave.
Delano CA 93215-2416
Di Giorgio Elementary19405 Buena Vista Blvd.
Arvin CA 93203-9709
www.digior ... ca.us661-854-2604 
Edison ElementaryPO Box 368
Edison CA 93320-0368
El Tejon UnifiedPO Box 876
Lebec CA 93243-0876
www.el-tej ... ca.us661-248-6247 
Elk Hills ElementaryPO Box 129
Tupman CA 93276-0129
www.elkhil ... ca.us661-765-7431 
Fairfax Elementary1500 South Fairfax Rd.
Bakersfield CA 93307-3151
www.fairfa ... ca.us661-366-7221 
Fruitvale Elementary7311 Rosedale Hwy.
Bakersfield CA 93308-5738
www.fruitv ... trict661-589-3830 
General Shafter Elementary1316 Shafter Rd.
Bakersfield CA 93313-9766
Greenfield Union Elementary1624 Fairview Rd.
Bakersfield CA 93307-5512
www.gfusd. ... ca.us661-837-6000 
Kern County Office of Education1300 17th St., City Centre
Bakersfield CA 93301-4504
Kern Union High5801 Sundale Ave.
Bakersfield CA 93309-2924
www.kernhi ... h.org661-827-3100 
Kernville Union ElementaryPO Box 3077
Lake Isabella CA 93240-9470
www.kernvi ... d.org760-379-3651 
Lakeside Union14535 Old River Rd.
Bakersfield CA 93311-9756
www.lakesi ... d.org661-836-6658 
Lamont Elementary7915 Burgundy Ave.
Lamont CA 93241-2118
www.lamont ... t.org661-845-0751 
Linns Valley-Poso Flat UnionPO Box 399
Glennville CA 93226-0399
http://kcs ... alley661-536-8811 
Lost Hills Union ElementaryPO Box 158
Lost Hills CA 93249-0158
Maple Elementary29161 Fresno Ave.
Shafter CA 93263-9719
www.maple. ... ca.us661-746-4439 
Maricopa Unified955 Stanislaus St.
Maricopa CA 93252-9779
McFarland Unified601 Second St.
McFarland CA 93250-1121
www.mcfarl ... d.com661-792-3081 
McKittrick ElementaryPO Box 277
McKittrick CA 93251-0277
Midway ElementaryPO Box 39
Fellows CA 93224-0039
Mojave Unified3500 Douglas Ave.
Mojave CA 93501-1143
www.mojave ... ca.us661-824-4001 
Muroc Joint Unified17100 Foothill Ave.
North Edwards CA 93523-3533
www.muroc. ... ca.us760-769-4821 
Norris Elementary6940 Calloway Dr.
Bakersfield CA 93312-9005
www.norris ... ca.us661-387-7000 
Panama-Buena Vista Union4200 Ashe Rd.
Bakersfield CA 93313-2029
www.pbvusd ... ca.us661-831-8331 
Pond Union Elementary29585 Pond Rd.
Pond CA 93280-0927
www.pond.c ... pond/661-792-2545 
Richland Union Elementary331 Shafter Ave.
Shafter CA 93263
www.richla ... ca.us661-746-8600 
Rio Bravo-Greeley Union Elementary6521 Enos Ln.
Bakersfield CA 93314-8721
www.rbgusd ... ca.us661-589-2696 
Rosedale Union Elementary2553 Old Farm Rd.
Bakersfield CA 93312-3531
www.roseda ... ca.us661-588-6000 
Semitropic Elementary25300 Hwy. 46
Wasco CA 93280
Sierra Sands Unified113 Felspar
Ridgecrest CA 93555-3520
South Fork Union Elementary5225 Kelso Valley Rd.
Weldon CA 93283
www.southf ... l.org760-378-4000 
Southern Kern UnifiedPO Drawer CC
Rosamond CA 93560-0640
www.skusd. ... ca.us661-256-5000 
Standard Elementary1200 North Chester Ave.
Bakersfield CA 93308-3521
www.standa ... ca.us661-392-2110 
Taft City Elementary820 North Sixth St.
Taft CA 93268-2306
www.taftci ... ca.us661-763-1521 
Taft Union High701 Seventh St.
Taft CA 93268-2319
www.taft.k ... tmain661-763-2330 
Tehachapi Unified400 South Snyder
Tehachapi CA 93561-1519
www.teh.k1 ... ca.us661-822-2100 
Vineland Elementary14713 Weedpatch Hwy.
Bakersfield CA 93307-9653
www.vinela ... t.com661-845-3713 
Wasco Union Elementary639 Broadway St.
Wasco CA 93280-1899
Wasco Union High2100 Seventh St.
Wasco CA 93280-1563
www.wasco. ... ca.us661-758-8447