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For Immediate Release, August 27th, 2008

WildFireWeb Offers Free School Websites to All 130,000 Public and Private K–12 Schools Nationwide
WebSchoolPro Poised to Save Schools Millions in Website Creation and Maintenance

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WildFireWeb Offers Free School Websites to All 130,000 Public and Private K–12 Schools Nationwide
WebSchoolPro Poised to Save Schools Millions in Website Creation and Maintenance

PETALUMA, Calif. – WildFireWeb®, Inc., a Northern California company founded by education technology professionals, is now offering free WebSchoolPro™ websites to all 130,000 public and private K–12 schools in the United States. Piloted in 15 California school districts from 2006 through 2008, WebSchoolPro is  now available nationwide, enabling any school or district to quickly create and easily maintain their own website at no cost.

“In an era when schools have limited time, budgets and resources, WebSchoolPro websites empower educators with simple tools that encourage and improve communication, participation, and fundraising efforts,” said Blaine Transue, co-founder and CEO of WildFireWeb. “To succeed, our schools, teachers, and students need and deserve the same technological advantages and opportunities as businesses.”

WebSchoolPro’s free school websites, based on patent-pending technology, liberate schools and districts from the high cost of website creation and maintenance by providing simple tools that enable total control over web content from any computer with a browser and internet connection.

Any K-12 school in the US can create their new free website in less than five minutes using WebSchoolPro’s automated signup. Schools outside of the US can sign up for their free school website by using a simple request form online.

Authorized users can edit their secure website as easily as working with word processing or e-mail software, from within any standard web browser. No special hardware or software is required, and there is no limit to the number of pages or amount of content a site can contain.

With a WebSchoolPro free school website, teachers can create virtual classrooms with expandable space for updates, notes, assignments, files, resources, image galleries, calendars and blogs as well as tap into professional resources and networks. Parents can stay in touch through online forums and a built-in alert system. Educators and staff can revise announcements, schedules and other mission critical information as often as necessary.

Advertising on school property can be controversial, but, according to Transue, “It can be done responsibly so that all parties win. There are many appropriate sponsors interested in supporting our education institutions. We work closely with schools and advertisers to ensure success for everyone involved.”

Two standard options are available. Under the free model, school websites are fully supported by approved, conscientious sponsors and advertisers. Schools interested in a non-advertising based solution can pay a fixed annual fee that covers all costs or their website. District and volume pricing programs are also available.

California’s Sonoma Valley Unified School District was the first to sign up and convert all of their schools. “WebSchoolPro enables us to immediately share vital information within our district and community,” said former Superintendent Barbara Young. “Our departments, schools, teachers and staff now maintain their own websites and pages quickly and easily at no cost.”
To sign up for or learn more about WebSchoolPro, visit webschoolpro.com. Principals or district administrators can call 707-789-0769 or email info@webschoolpro.com to request an activation code.
About WildFireWeb
WildFireWeb, Inc., provides innovative web-based technology solutions for business, education, and nonprofit organizations. Headquartered in Petaluma, Calif., the company was founded in 2005 by Blaine Transue and Steve Sweet, who have assisted education communities with technology services and support for more than 20 years. For more information, visit wildfireweb.com or call 707-789-0769.

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"Increased professional development opportunities are needed if teachers are to be highly qualified and effective in a 21st century classroom with today’s digital native students..."2007 U.S. Department of Education study

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