All California Public & Private Schools in the Willits Unified School District

Select a School from the Willits Unified School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Baechtel Grove Middle1150 Magnolia St.
Willits CA 95490-4209
707-459-2417  707-459-7881 406 Public 
Blosser Lane Elementary1275 Blosser Ln.
Willits CA 95490-4163
707-459-3232  707-459-7621 436 Public 
Brookside Elementary20 Spruce and Lincoln Way
Willits CA 95490-
707-459-5385  707-459-7857 409 Public 
La Vida Charter16201 North Highway 101
Willits CA 95490-
707-459-6344  707-459-6377  Public 
New Horizons120 North Main St.
Willits CA 95490-
707-459-4801   79 Public 
Sanhedrin High120 North Main St.
Willits CA 95490-3109
707-459-4801  707-459-6580 50 Public 
Sherwood32600 Sherwood Rd.
Willits CA 95490-3007
707-984-6769   42 Public 
Willits Adult Education48 West Commercial St.
Willits CA 95490-3007
707-459-5314    Public 
Willits Charter7 South Marin St.
Willits CA 95490-
707-459-5506   94 Public 
Willits Community Day10 371 East Commercial St.
Willits CA 95490-
707-459-7640   Public 
Willits High11 299 North Main St.
Willits CA 95490-3110
707-459-7700  707-459-7741 612 Public 
Willits SDA12 22751 Bray Road
Willits CA 95490
707-459-4333   11 Religious-Denomination 
Willits Secondary Community Day13 371 East Commercial St.
Willits CA 95490-
707-459-7640   16 Public 

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