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"We LOVE our website!" - K. Tuck, St. Patricks School

Photography teacher Andy Mitchell thinks
"the high school website is one of the nicest school websites I have come across. I’m able to put my class information, syllabus, supply information, and galleries all in one place. You can order your yearbook and upload images to our yearbook all from the home page.”  - a. mitchell, Sonoma Valley High School

Math teacher, Ann Wittbrodt, knows her webpage is critical to the success of the students in her class. “I have each assignment posted on the calendar for each class and I post notes and handouts for each class. Without access to this information, students who miss a day of class would not know what they missed or be able to start the process of making up the work. I also post links that can help students obtain extra help, such as video tutoring websites, and sites that provided step-by-step solutions for some of the homework problems.” - a. wittbrodt, Sonoma Valley High School

“When I saw the new website, it made me feel proud to be a student here.”
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"Thanks so much for your help. I have never, ever done anything like this before, so I have lots of questions. The WebSchoolPro set up is really user-friendly, even for non-technical people like me  and the extra support has been great"

Thanks again! -Sarah, PS133, NY, NY

"I can’t imagine not having my class website as a resource in my classroom. Not only is it a digital version of my classroom that the students can access at home, but it also provides valuable resources to parents as well.” -Andy Gibson, svhs

Thanks, I really love this site.  It’s so easy to work with (almost all the time!!) - K, St. Patrick Parish School

"Thanks so much for all the great service and responsiveness - it has been a pleasurable experience working with you on this huge endeavor for our school." a-rudd, Saint Joseph Catholic Academy

Thanks for all your support of teachers at El Verano School... and for helping to drag us into the 21st century.
Warmest regards and wishes for an outstanding new year. You Rock - Craig Madison

Hi guys,
I wanted to touch base and let you know that our new website is getting rave reviews from almost everyone. The teachers really love the ability to put slideshows on their pages so they’ve been sending me tons of pictures. Thanks for all your help in getting this site up and running. I love the tools you’ve provided to update files since I do that almost every day! -b. goodman, Kingman Academy

Thank you so much for being so responsive! You are truly a pleasure to work with. -Becky, Sebastopol USD

I have another website story.  The week we released the website, I announced it to my 0 period Calculus students as they had been very frustrated with the loss of the website and eager for it to return.  One of my students spoke up and said ‘When I saw the new website it made me feel proud to be a student here!’.  Another student remarked that "it was great for parents and people outside the district because it made us looking like a ‘really good’ school"

"I was at dinner with a group of people in the Graton / Sebastopol area on Saturday night, several of whom I had just met that evening. As we were talking the man next to me (who has a teenage son) asked where I teach. I said Sonoma Valley High School. From the other end of the table his wife says “Oh Honey! Isn’t that the website that you were looking at the other day?” It was and they were very impressed with the website. The wife then looks at me and says “So, Sonoma High - Is that a private school? A charter school?” She had assumed from the quality of our website and the programs we offer that we could not possibly be a public school.

I responded that we were indeed a public school and that we have awesome programs available to our students. They were stunned to hear that we are a public school. She asked how we still managed to have so many programs compared to other public schools. I told them that we work VERY hard and that our community is incredibly supportive. They asked more questions and I extolled the virtues of a school where everyone in the community is invested.

The conversation was awesome. I wanted to let you know that the website really made an impression on this couple! It is wonderful to have a website that reflects how awesome this school is!- Bernadette, Sonoma Valley High School

You have been a tremendous help as we consolidate our schools" l.mason, crpusd

"I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have a tool like WebSchoolPro…
it’s so important to have current information on the site, and this allows the staff to input it themselves" bg, Sebastopol Schools

"THANKS for the work !  I think this is going to be a great site.....You are good !" Principal, Matt Vukicevich

"Thanks for your quick response, I really appreciate it! Love the website too! Laura Butler - Principal, Abraham Lincoln School

"I just wanted to thank you for the workshop on Saturday. I learned a lot and was inspired to go home and work on my website all day Sunday. It's up and running...I emailed the parents in my class and they are delighted. Thanks again." Geri Dale, Marguerite Hahn School

We are very pleased with the website and with the ease of operation and customer service.  I am recommending you to everyone I know."
S.Brennan., Robert Treat Academy Charter School

"As always, you guys are a wealth of information and help, Thank You" d.graves, Belmont-Redwood Shores School District

"Things are going great! Everyone really likes it alot! I have heard nothing but great things about it!! I appreciate all you have done! Thanks!" T.Hendricks, Faith Christian School

"This is a lovely app, folks. and what great support" J.Rockwell

"Thank you for providing this wonderful service to public schools. We have been looking for a way to improve communication at our school and have been impressed by your service" dashmore

"The more i get involved in this website system, I am realizing that it is fantastic. I am pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and availability of numerous features. Great system."MM - Wilshire Private School

"I love how this empowers the individual."A.Hart, Reed Schools

"I just have to say that this web software has been such a great tool for my own classroom.  Thank you so much for your support and hard work" agibson, Sonoma Valley High School teacher

"Thank you, very much! I am just loving this platform!  It is awesome!"

"I am personally very impressed with your company, my online training with your staff, and the ease and quality of your web editing tool, Web School Pro. I will pass on my highest recommendations to various teacher organizations within the state." JB

"You've made the site so user friendly, it's easy for us to be creative.  And, thank you for always being there to help us when we forgot how to use the features or need to learn new things.  That is a huge help" CC

"(I) wanted to tell you how much I love working with this website…it is so easy to use and I love that I can work on it from any computer." Mary Baker, Ballico-Cressey Elementary

"Thanks again this is the PERFECT answer to what POCS needed!!"

"We are VERY excited about getting our website functional and user friendly.
Thanks for the help. Thought you might want to see this of many I've received today about the new website..."
B.Young, school dist superintendent, Sonoma Valley Unified School District

"Thanks so much for WebSchoolPro - it's fantastic.!"troberts, educator altimiraschool

"I love your product.  It's exactly what I needed!"B.Jones

"I love this software.  I have several websites and the software I use is not nearly as intuitive with which to work." Mara

"I am having so much fun with the new feature (galleries). I was able to go in and add and change and change again the words that go with the pictures. This is a brilliant way to have a website. I am thrilled with it."
c. s.

"Wow! I didn't realize how easy it could be. I have experience using Dream Weaver and that is a pain…"
A.Gibson, high school teacher, Sonoma Valley High

"Thanks so very much for the updates on the new site and your amazing patience with us and our crazy schedule.  you have been so great to work with and we appreciate how far you have gotten us with this great new site. tomorrow is our visit from the WASC team and we are so proud to show the site to them."
p.knoxx-orr, St. Francis Solano

"We are very impressed...(and) are getting lots of positive comments about our website. It looks great!"

"a welcome site to see St. Francis looking so good online"

"The Web sites look great, very clean and navigable"
s.j, index tribune, education writer

"I just went online to Sonoma Valley High website and what an amazing difference. I was just on theirs recently and what a confusing disaster the old one was. I am so pleased since now that I am doing the Volunteer program, I have to refer to it frequently."
l. ross, graphic artist

"This is way cool!"
t. boeve, director, education foundation

"Thanks so much, you have done a great job and we all appreciate your patience with us and diligence in making our school site great..."

It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! You work fast! Thanks again!
m. ituri, elementary school principal, El Verano School