School Website Options

Secure, affordable, hosted websites for schools and school districts.

Built on Tinder®, our state-of-the-art content management system from the ground up just for schools. Hosted from education-only servers at one of the premier hosting facilities in the world. Every site includes unlimited pages, content, bandwidth, image hosting and file management, calendars, galleries, slide-shows, virtual classrooms for every teacher, rss feeds, blogs, subscriber auto notification, a built in emergency alert system and more!  Start your 60 day free trial today!

What's Included

$29 mnth
School Website with choice of 16 dynamically interchangeable templates

Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Virtual Classrooms & Teacher Pages
Unlimited Dynamic Calendars for your school, teachers & groups
Unlimited Galleries & Slideshows
Unlimited Blogs
Unlimited RSS Feeds
Built in Emergency Alert System via Email and Text
Online, Email and Ticket System Support

Phone Support 10am - 6pm PDT