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Posted - 09/05/2012 04:09pm
Back to School Website Tip #1
Can we use a Google Calendar on our WebSchoolPro school website?

Some of you are already doing this but every school year we get questions about using Google Calendars in place of, or in addition to, the built in Calendars available on your WebSchoolPro school website.

The answer is YES! of course you can!

While we love the built in Calendar on our WebSchoolPro school websites, because it's flexible, easy to use and robust, we also know it's not the "end-all" when it comes to calendaring systems. If you're looking for a more advanced calendaring system, consider using the free Google Calendar.

Google Calendars have extended features like the ability to overlay multiple calendars or send out event invites, you can even set alarms and email notifications and the calendars can be easily embedded in your website. Additionally you can even create an Upcoming Event list that pulls events from your calendar and displays them in a list view which can be published to any area of your web pages.

For instructions on embedding Google Calendars, visit our 24/7 Help! site at

Category - Hot Tip
Posted - 01/06/2012 04:01pm
When things get tough, the tough get creative...Hot Tip 2012 #1
When things get tough, the tough get creative...

We know it's tough out here at WebSchoolPro® we're always looking for creative ways to help our schools help themselves...after all, that's what we're all about. So here's a Hot Tip on a super simple way to get the message out to your school community that they can help...anytime from anywhere! (hey...also just like us!)


Create an Amazon Wish list for your school or school organization and Get Stuff from people who love you!

Here's how it works:

  • Create or log in to your Amazon account for your school at
  • Create your Amazon Wish List
  • Find things you need or want for your school
  • Add the item(s) to your wish list
  • Post the link to your Wish List

While not necessarily available to participate in all school fundraisers, most of us would be more than happy to help our local school communities throughout the year, but how do we know what you want?

It's up to schools to let their respective communities know what they can do to help, after all, if they don't know you need definitely affects your chances of receiving it. From pencils and paper to computers, desks and blackboards, if you can find it for sale on the internet you can add it to your Amazon Wish List.

No donation forms or accounting, nothing to track or do other than perhaps writing the occasional thank you card, the Amazon Wish List is a just a nice, quiet way to let people "give" to your school, no fuss, no muss, and by adding everything you need, no matter how small or large, from pencils to computers, it gives everyone an equal opportunity to give.

People want to just have to give them a way. Post the link on your website & publish the link in school newsletters and all other communications and announcements and wait to see what shows up at the door!

Signup. Link. Get.

Best Regards,

Blaine Transue
co-founder, WebSchoolPro®

Category - Feature Update
Posted - 01/03/2012 10:16am
Just Because it's a New Year!

A Message from co-founder of WebSchoolPro, Blaine Transue.

blaine121511.jpgNew Year, New Fonts!
"Some of you have already taken notice, but for those of you that haven't, next time you're editing, take a look at your font choices. Previously limited to the 10 or so old (yes, super boring) "web-safe" fonts, you'll now see a newly expanded menu with 27 Super COOL! New Font choices.

Yep, you read that right, 27!
And we're not talking 27 variations of Helvetica and Ariel, we're talking Fun Fonts, like
Bubblegum, Flavors, Original Surfer &  SLACKEY!
and my personal favorite (at least today)
Check out the complete list below and have some fun with your website in 2012!

Architects Daughter

Annie Use your Telescope
Bubblegum Sans
Cabin Sketch
Gloria Hallelujah
Indie Flower
Irish Grover
Miltonian Tattoo
Mountains of Christmas
Nixie One
Original Surfer
Permanent Marker
Reanie Beanie
Ribeye Marrow
Ruge Boogie
Special Elite
Trade Winds
Ubuntu Condensed
Waiting for the Sunrise

Category - Administrators
Posted - 12/08/2011 05:51pm
Winter Update 2011 - 2012

School Website Update 2012!
Well...almost 2012!
(707) 938-7677 or

A Message from cofounder of WebSchoolPro, Blaine Transue.

Photo_11_1.jpg"We know you've been waiting, and we know we've said "soon" more than once, but I'm pleased to announce that we now have 15 completely interchangeable templates for you to choose from for your school website. A few of you "early adopters" discovered it without us telling you, and we commend you for that, for the rest, switching templates is as simple as selecting them in your website "Appearance" settings. There are a number of other new welcome features as well, like fully customizable headers, backgrounds and drop down menus. Tis' the season to give, so the best news is, of course, it's all free, and already part of your website.

From all of us here at WebSchoolPro, Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy the new templates, and the opportunity to give your school website a free makover for 2012! Best wishes to all for a wonderful and fulfilling 2012" - Blaine Transue

Just Announced!

Feeling like a website makeover is in order?
Choose between any of 15 interchangeable templates at any time! Select a new template and give your school website a fresh new look for 2012!


New Features!

  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Drop Down Menus & Sub Menus (Yea!)
  • Fully Editable Headers (Bigger Yea!)
  • Specify Exact Colors
  • Reorder Pages & Edit Meta Data
  • Switch Templates Anytime!

The best feature of all, they're FREE!, and ready to use NOW!

Visit the Help Site for instructions

Turn your website into an instant fundraiser!

There are many easy ways to turn your website into a fundraiser. Here are a couple of our favorites.

1) Offer Sponsorships: Offer your local community including parents, local businesses & non-profits, the opportunity to "sponsor" your website for a month at a time. Provide a prominent spot to give them credit on your home page. It might be a local business or a proud parent, but at only $44 per month per sponsorship, your website pays for itself. Sell 2 sponsorships a month and your website could be generating revenue. What parent wouldn't want to support their child's school website for a month?

Auction Item: Next time your school has an auction, consider your website as a "fund a need" item. Fund a need items have more than 1 bid, which is just the idea, to give everyone in the room the opportunity to contribute at varying levels. Start high, end low, and give everyone a chance to contribute. You'll be surprised!

Your website may just become your favorite fundraiser!

Need Help with your website?

Visit the Help Site for step by step instructions and instructional video tutorials on how to edit your website quickly and efficiently.
Set up an on line training with our staff by calling the office: (707) 938-7677 and set up an appointment, or email

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Ready to upgrade?

Go Ad-Free for as little as $44 Month!

Choose from any of the 15 available templates. Switch templates and customize colors & backgrounds at any time. Full custom school websites also available, Contact us for ideas and pricing  (707) 938-7677

In the Spotlight


St. Joseph Catholic Academy signed up for their free school site in August of 2010, by December, they had already added much of their content and were so pleased that they opted for an ad-free customized solution. A few changes to the template and they were off and running, and they haven't slowed down yet!

Visit the St. Joseph Catholic Academy Website

Ever wonder what your high school students are thinking? Tap into PBS LearningMedia to explore the differences between the brains of kids - and their parents and teachers in the FRONTLINE segment, "The Teenage Brain.” Incorporate this video and other research-based digital resources into your classroom discussions of health, physical education, and behavioral science. For more searchable, savable, free, world-class, innovative content, delve into PBS LearningMedia

For more on the Teenage Brain...

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