All California Public & Private Schools in the Santa Maria-Bonita Elementary School District

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SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Adam (William Laird) Elementary500 West Windsor
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-6700  805-352-9104 724 Public 
Agape School of Christian Education109 West Fesler Avenue
Santa Maria CA 93458
805-614-9292   12 Religious-Independent 
Alvin Elementary301 East Alvin Ave.
Santa Maria CA 93454-3703
805-361-6760  805-349-2737 637 Public 
Arellanes (Don Juan Bautista) Elementary1890 Sandalwood Dr.
Santa Maria CA 93455-2846
805-361-6860  805-346-8540 259 Public 
Arellanes Junior High1890 Sandalwood Dr.
Santa Maria CA 93455-
805-361-6820  805-346-8535 503 Public 
Bonita Elementary2715 West Main St.
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-8280  805-925-1179 378 Public 
Bruce (Robert) Elementary601 West Alvin Ave.
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-6940  805-346-1838 768 Public 
Calvin C. Oakley Elementary1120 West Harding St.
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-7620  805-346-1841 781 Public 
Christ the King1431 Mount Whitney Way
Santa Maria CA 93454
805-352-1374   Religious-Independent 
Crossroads Christian Junior High10 1550 South College Drive
Santa Maria CA 93454
805-922-0237   48 Religious-Independent 
David J. Sanchez Sr. Elementary11 804 West Liberty St.
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-4625  805-925-8410 684 Public 
El Camino Junior High12 219 West El Camino
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-7800  805-346-1851 622 Public 
Fairlawn Elementary13 120 North Mary Dr.
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-7500  805-346-1839 638 Public 
Fesler (Issac) Junior High14 1100 East Fesler St.
Santa Maria CA 93454-4611
805-361-2880  805-346-1849 671 Public 
George Washington Battles Elementary15 605 East Battles Rd.
Santa Maria CA 93454-7211
805-361-6880  805-346-1836 721 Public 
Liberty Elementary16 1300 West Sonya Ln.
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-4530  805-925-2165 667 Public 
Miller (Isaac) Elementary17 410 East Camino Colegio
Santa Maria CA 93454-6752
805-361-7560  805-346-1840 687 Public 
Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary18 930 West Rancho Verde
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-7680  805-346-1846 832 Public 
Rice (William) Elementary19 700 East Vickie Ave.
Santa Maria CA 93454-2236
805-361-7740  805-346-1842 770 Public 
St. Mary of the Assumption20 424 East Cypress Street
Santa Maria CA 93454
805-925-6713   260 Religious-Denomination 
Taylor (Ida Redmond) Elementary21 1921 North Carlotti Dr.
Santa Maria CA 93454-
805-361-6250  805-346-2683 929 Public 
Tommie Kunst Junior High22 930 Hidden Pines Way
Santa Maria CA 93458-
805-361-5800  805-925-8239 778 Public 
Tunnell (Martin Luther) Elementary23 1248 East Dena Way
Santa Maria CA 93454-2551
805-361-7940  805-349-2017 766 Public 
Valley Christian Academy24 2970 Santa Maria Way
Santa Maria CA 93455
805-937-6317   349 Religious-Denomination 

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