All California Public & Private Schools in the New Haven Unified School District

Select a School from the New Haven Unified School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Alternative Learning Academy at Conley-Caraballo H541 Blanche St.
Hayward CA 94544-
510-471-5126  510-475-3949 153 Public 
Alvarado Elementary31100 Fredi St.
Union City CA 94587-2662
510-471-1039  510-471-9414 666 Public 
Alvarado Middle31604 Alvarado Blvd.
Union City CA 94587-5802
510-489-0700  510-475-3936 1094 Public 
Barnard-White Middle725 Whipple Rd.
Union City CA 94587-1343
510-471-5363  510-471-8372 839 Public 
Cesar Chavez Middle2801 Hop Ranch Rd.
Union City CA 94587-
510-487-1700  510-487-6978 1170 Public 
Core Learning Academy at Conley-Caraballo High541 Blanche St.
Hayward CA 94544-
510-471-5126  510-475-3949 194 Public 
Delaine Eastin Elementary34901 Eastin Dr.
Union City CA 94587-
510-475-9630  555-555-5555 712 Public 
Guy Jr. Emanuele Elementary100 Decoto Rd.
Union City CA 94587-
510-471-2461  510-471-8799 810 Public 
Hillview Crest Elementary31410 Wheelon Ave.
Hayward CA 94544-7662
510-471-5720  510-471-1436 736 Public 
James Logan High10 1800 H St.
Union City CA 94587-3321
510-471-2520  510-471-0514 4003 Public 
New Haven Adult11 1800 H St.
Union City CA 94587-3321
510-489-2185  510-471-0554  Public 
Our Lady of the Rosary12 678 B Street
Union City CA 94587
510-471-3765   163 Religious-Denomination 
Pioneer Elementary13 32737 Bel Aire St.
Union City CA 94587-5500
510-487-4530  510-487-0313 661 Public 
Purple Lotus Buddhist14 33615 Ninth Street
Union City CA 94587
510-429-8808   45 Religious-Denomination 
Refugio M. Cabello Elementary15 44500 Cabello St.
Union City CA 94587-
510-489-4141  510-489-2128 700 Public 
Searles Elementary16 33629 15th St.
Union City CA 94587-3322
510-471-2772  510-471-8420 760 Public 
Spectrum Center, Inc.-Mission Valley Cam17 725 Whipple Road
Union City CA 94587
510-471-5363   28 Non-religious 
Tom Kitayama Elementary18 1959 Sunsprite Dr.
Union City CA 94587-
510-475-3982   776 Public 

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