All California Public & Private Schools in the Natomas Unified School District

Select a School from the Natomas Unified School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
American Lakes Elementary2800 Stonecreek Dr.
Sacramento CA 95833-1634
916-567-5500  916-567-5509 527 Public 
Bannon Creek Elementary2775 Millcreek Dr.
Sacramento CA 95833-1856
916-567-5600  916-641-3480 546 Public 
Discovery High3401 Fong Ranch Rd.
Sacramento CA 95834-
916-928-5200  916-928-5222 137 Public 
Heron5151 Banfield Dr.
Sacramento CA 95835-
916-567-5680    Public 
Inderkum High2500 New Market Dr.
Sacramento CA 95835-
916-567-5640  916-567-5649 1137 Public 
Jefferson Elementary2001 Pebblewood
Sacramento CA 95833-1400
916-567-5580  916-567-5589 690 Public 
Leroy F. Greene Middle2950 West River Dr.
Sacramento CA 95833-
916-567-5560  916-567-5569 913 Public 
Merryhill2565 Millcreek Drive
Sacramento CA 95833
916-564-7343   140 Non-religious 
Natomas Charter #194600 Blackrock Dr.
Sacramento CA 95835-
916-928-5353  916-928-5333 1129 Public 
Natomas High10 3301 Rosin Blvd.
Sacramento CA 95834-
916-641-4960  916-641-5455 1552 Public 
Natomas Middle11 3700 Del Paso Rd.
Sacramento CA 95834-
916-567-5540  916-567-5549 886 Public 
Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep12 3700 Del Paso Rd.
Sacramento CA 95834-
916-739-7270  916-739-7072  Public 
Natomas Park Elementary13 4700 Crest Dr.
Sacramento CA 95835-
916-928-5234  916-561-5970 1177 Public 
Sacramento Valley Technical High14 2500 New Market Dr.
Sacramento CA 95835-
916-567-5880  916-567-5440 88 Public 
Two Rivers Elementary15 3201 West River Dr.
Sacramento CA 95833-
916-567-5520   678 Public 
Westlake Charter16 3201 West River Dr.
Sacramento CA 95835-
916-679-7259   129 Public 
Witter Ranch Elementary17 3790 Poppy Hill Way
Sacramento CA 95834-
916-567-5620   809 Public 

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Knysna, Western Cape ZA
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Santa Cruz CA
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Oakland CA
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Pleasant Hill CA
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San Jose CA
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Sacramento CA
Montessori Explorer Elementary School
Chula Vista CA
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Sacramento CA
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Waterford CA
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Brentwood CA
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Planada CA
AHH Students and Teachers School
Sonoma CA
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Sacramento CA
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