All California Public & Private Schools in the Lincoln Unified School District

Select a School from the Lincoln Unified School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Brookside2962 Brookside Rd.
Stockton CA 95219-7901
209-953-8641  209-953-8640 761 Public 
Carden School of Stockton1200 West Hammer Lane
Stockton CA 95209
209-478-8135   76 Non-religious 
Claudia Landeen4128 Feather River Dr.
Stockton CA 95219-6541
209-953-8660  209-953-8821 689 Public 
Colonial Heights8135 Balboa Ave.
Stockton CA 95209-2920
209-953-8783  209-953-8785 613 Public 
Don Riggio3110 Brookside Rd.
Stockton CA 95219-
209-953-8753  209-953-8823 613 Public 
John R. Williams2450 Meadow Ave.
Stockton CA 95207-1331
209-953-8767  209-952-4642 537 Public 
Larsson (Sture) High (Continuation)1813 McClellan Way
Stockton CA 95207-3439
209-953-8687  209-953-8741 163 Public 
Lincoln Elementary818 West Lincoln Rd.
Stockton CA 95207-2513
209-953-8651  209-953-8651 537 Public 
Lincoln High6844 Alexandria Pl.
Stockton CA 95207-2401
209-953-8920  209-952-4646 2594 Public 
Mable Barron10 6835 Cumberland Pl.
Stockton CA 95219-3238
209-953-8795  209-478-2736 721 Public 
Merryhill11 4811 Riverbrook Drive
Stockton CA 95219
209-477-9005   234 Non-religious 
Presentation Elementary12 1635 West Benjamin Holt Drive
Stockton CA 95207-3498
209-472-2140   279 Religious-Denomination 
Sierra Middle13 6768 Alexandria Pl.
Stockton CA 95207-3407
209-953-8748  209-953-8747 533 Public 
Tully C. Knoles14 6511 Clarksburg Pl.
Stockton CA 95207-3222
209-953-8775  209-474-2107 552 Public 
United Christian Schools15 915 Rose Marie Lane
Stockton CA 95207
209-954-7650   125 Religious-Independent 
Village Oaks Elementary16 1900 West Swain Rd.
Stockton CA 95207-4053
209-953-8789  209-473-3512 456 Public 

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