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Local News

  • Private Funding Is ComingEventually
    published on Tue, 13 Oct 2015 22:38:46 GMT
    When will private sector funding come to the California high speed rail project? That's one of the most commonly asked questions of the project and of the California High Speed Rail Authority. The answer continues to be soon, but not right now : Leaders with the California High-Speed Rail Authority are tempering expectations for imminent investment by the private sector in its statewide bullet-train project after receiving three dozen "expressions of interest" from companies around the world....
  • CA: The Bus Opens Songwriting Contest to Merced musicians
    published on Mon, 12 Oct 2015 14:58:55 GMT
    The Bus, Merced's regional transit system, is looking for a tune, and is asking for the help of local songwriters and musicians. The Bus officials announced the start of a songwriting contest earlier this week, in which musicians will have the opportunity to win $500 plus a professional recording session by submitting their original song inspired by The Bus....
  • Multi-Brand Franchisee Adds Del Taco
    published on Wed, 07 Oct 2015 15:00:00 GMT
    Multi-unit franchisees dominate today's marketplace, controlling more total units than their single-unit counterparts--and an increasing number are operating multiple brands. The Multi-Unit Franchisee Annual Buyer's Guide serves the growing generation of multi-unit operators, hungry for information to help them expand both their number of units and their number of brands....
Regional News

  • CA Waterfowl Hunting Seasons Opening Soon; Drought Conditions May Limit Opportunities
    published on Mon, 12 Oct 2015 18:14:57 GMT
    As California's 2015-2016 waterfowl hunting season approaches, hunters may find that wildlife areas may have limited space, particularly early in the season. Most years, quality public hunting access can be found on more than two dozen national wildlife refuges and wildlife areas managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife ....
  • a The Gallowsa directors open haunted house at Veterans Memorial Auditorium
    published on Wed, 07 Oct 2015 22:31:15 GMT
    A creepy mannequin head in a dressing room scene in part of the haunted attraction, "Nightmare Theater Presents The Gallows." Filmmaker Travis Cluff looks over a dressing room scene in historic Veterans Memorial Auditorium where he and co-filmmaker Chris Lofing are staging a haunted attraction, "Nightmare Theater Presents The Gallows."...
  • Mallaig Stingers rule Tazmania tournament
    published on Wed, 07 Oct 2015 00:18:50 GMT
    The Mallaig senior boys volleyball team managed to keep its tournament-winning streak alive at St. Paul Regional this past weekend. The Stingers won the final of the Tazmania Volleyball tournament - a competition that features 16 boys and 16 girls teams playing in four different facilities - against St. Jerome's School, a school based in Vermilion, to earn the third first-place finish in as many weekends....
Sports News

  • University of California still deciding who it will serve: Thomas Elias
    published on Mon, 05 Oct 2015 22:25:46 GMT
    The question of who the University of California will be serving when it reaches the third decade of this 21st Century remains one administrators year after year refuse to confront. Will the elite system and its 10 campuses belong primarily to the California students they were built to serve? Or will they become the de facto property of wealthy out-of-state and foreign parents and governments eager to send their children to what has ranked for 75 years as the world's leading public university sy...
  • Local Roundup
    published on Sun, 27 Sep 2015 07:17:00 GMT
    Nick Goldstein scored two goals within 30 seconds of each other to give his Eagles a commanding three-goal lead in the first half and the Embry-Riddle men's soccer team used that to propel them to a 4-0 shutout win over California State on Saturday afternoon. It was Embry-Riddle's third straight victory, and fourth out of its last five matches....
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Why Are Conservatives Rejecting College Reading Materials?
    published on Fri, 25 Sep 2015 22:02:01 GMT
    Longtime author, first-time novelist , UCLA grad, and basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has harsh words for college students trying to slap trigger warnings and micro-aggression labels on everything they enounter. Writing in Time, Abdul-Jabbar says: These students' public attacks on required reading aren't merely a hold-their-breath tantrum while they refuse to eat their vegetables, they are a reflection of a larger hostility in American society against education-and against educated experts....

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