Using Blog Categories

The way that Blog Categories are displayed has been improved.  Now When you create a blog, and start adding posts, you will have the option of giving each post a category name.  This will then be displayed in a column to the right of the blog, and will make it easier for visitors to navigate to desired posts.

Here is how to designate a category to an individual post:

note: These instructions are written with the assumption that you have already created a blog.

Before starting on the following steps, make sure that you enable your blog to display categories by checking the box(s) in blog settings:

1) First add a blog post by clicking on the "add new post" link located in the upper right corner of the newly created blog while in edit mode.

Now looking at the newly created post, locate the category field, also on the right side:

Click on the pencil and pad icon to change the category of the blog post.

4) After you enter in your category, click the "save" button.

5) To view your blog as visitors see it, click on the Picture_44.png link located at the top of any page.

Your Category Column should look something like this: