SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Q) With the Free school website, do we have the ability to create friendly URL's?  Example

A) Yes, friendly urls are added to the page using the "alias" field for the page in [Settings].
You can set the "alias" (i.e., friendly url) of any page using [Settings] at the top of the screen when logged in and viewing the page.

If a page already has an alias and you change it, you may break other links on the website (and elsewhere) that refer to that particular page by that particular alias.

If a page does not have an alias, any alias can be added. They should be lowercase and words separated by hyphens. i.e., our-great-school-home-page not ourgreatschoolhomepage, and should be relevant to the content of the page you are viewing.

While you have the settings window open, you might want to add the other pertinent SEO information, i.e., page title, keywords and description.

For more information regarding SEO, visit the help site at