Uploading "Making the Grade" gradebooks to teacher Tablets

Step 1) Export grades from Making the Grade to a folder. From the menu select File>Export student data>The WEB ePublisher: GROUPED home page documents.



Step 2) It's recommended to use PINs for security. Be sure you have set up a PIN number for each student as per Making the Grade instructions. Click "Next" through various export options.



Step 3) When asked where to save the gradebook, create a new folder or use a previous grades folder if you are updating old grades. All files in this folder will be overwritten by the new files.




Step 4) Open the folder and click "Save". All necessary grade files will be stored in the grades folder.



Step 5) Using your favorite file browser or finder, locate the grades folder you just created on your computer.



Step 6)

PC Users - Right Click on the new grades folder and select Send To->Compressed (zipped) Folder
Mac User - Control Click on the new grades folder and select "Compress foldername"

This step will create a compressed "zip" file that you will then upload to one of your teacher Tablets in Step 7.



Step 7) Open a teacher Tablet on your school website, position the cursor where you would like to create a link to your gradebook, and open the File Manager (folder tool on editor).


Step 8) In the File Manager click "Browse" and locate the zip file you created in previous steps, then click "Upload Files".



Step 9) The grades file will automatically be "unzipped" into a folder by the same name as the one you created on your computer. Open that folder and select the file "classes.htm" and click OK to place the link on your Tablet.



Step 10) A link to your gradebook will be placed on your tablet along with some file size and date information. You can edit the link text to whatever you want seen on your page.





Step 11) Click the save button on your tablet. Test your gradebook by clicking the link.