Linking to your uploaded files

You can use the built in File Manager to upload and link to files of many types, Word documents, Excel and Powerpoint files, PDF's, MP3 audio files, Quicktime movies and more. In the example below, we are demonstrating how to upload and link to  a PDF file. The process is the same for most other file types.

Use the File Manager to upload and link to a PDF file.

1) Place your cursor on the page where you want your uploaded file to appear.

2) Click the FileManager Picture_3.png icon in the Editor toolbar

This opens the File Manager window.

2) Click the "Browse" button Picture_19.png

3) Navigate to the correct file on your computer and click once on the filename to select it


4) Click the "Open" button Picture_21.png

5) Click the "Upload Files" button in the File Manager

Depending on the size and type of your file, it may take several minutes for the file to appear in the File Manager window.

6) Once the file appears in the list, click once to select the file


7) Click the "Ok" button in the File Manager window

This places a link to the file in the content area where you placed your cursor.


You can select the file name and change the text or formatting using the editor toolbar. You will notice that the Editor automatically date, time and size stamps the file, you may choose to keep or remove this information as desired.

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