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What does it mean when I get the message "Notification Request Added". Contact | Alert Me When Changed | Remove Alert
Q: What does it mean  when I get the message "Notification Request Added". 

A: You receive that message when a visitor has signed up to be notified when the content of a particular Tablet has changed or been updated.

Q: Are "subscribers" automatically notified or am I supposed to put them on a list to personally email them notices each week?

A: If and when you make a change to the particular tablet they have subscribed to, when you save the changes you will be prompted with a dialogue asking if you want to notify your subscribers of the change. If you have just gone in and corrected a typo, you wouldn't want to notify them, however, if you updated say, the newsletter or homework assignments etc., you would.

Q: How do I notify them?

A: When you save your changes to the tablet, you will be promted to notify your subscribers. Click the button and it will automatically send a notice to any subscriber that the content of the tablet has been updated. The notification also includes a direct link to the page so they can look at the changes.

There's really nothing more you need to do. You either choose to send them the notification or not after saving your changes, the system does the rest.

Q: Can I view or manage my subscribers?