The "Revert" tool.

Click on the link to watch the tutorial about: The Revert Tool
Revision Control is a great tool that keeps track of the last 10 edits made to your site.  In addition, Revision Control allows you to revert to a previous version of your site if needed.

To use Revision Control:

1)  Open the area you would like to revert or review the recent edits.

2)  Click on the revision tool icon in the editor toolbar Picture_9.png.

VoilĂ !  Now you can look back in time:
The revision tool keeps track of the last 10 edits to any given area. The Date, Time and Name of the user who edited are displayed in the list.


3)  Click on any of the blue links to return to any listed previous version.

5)  When you find the desired version, save your changes by clicking the "Done" Picture_2.png button, and then clicking the "Save" Picture_3.png icon