Working with the Default Site Calendar

The Default Calendar

Your WebSchoolPro website was originally created with a default calendar on the "Calendar" page (Top navigation on your site).

While you can have as many calendars on your site as you need, the calendar on this page is somewhat special, as it automatically feeds the events on the calendar to your home page.

Turning the Auto display off

If you no longer wish to display the calendar events on your home page, when logged in and editing, navigate to the Home page and remove the Picture_4.png text from the main content area. (this is a special bit of code that tells the calendar to display the items on the page)

Oh no, bring it back!

We've found that a number of users have been confused by this and have removed the Picture_4.png code from their home page, and often times, after realizing the items are missing, add a new calendar to the home page rather than the code that feeds the default calendar events to the page.

There is no need to "add" a new calendar to the home page if you simply want the list of events from the "Calendar" page to be displayed, simply add the code Picture_4.png to the area on the page where you wish the items to appear.

* add the code just as you see it here, with the brackets (in fact, you can just copy and paste it right from this page if you like)