Editing Blogs on your School Website


As the editor you will have access to the following functions. You can add a new post, delete a post, change the blog settings, delete a post, edit the author, edit the category, edit the post title, and edit the Blog Name. Basically you can do everything the administrator can do except for creating a blog, deleting a blog, and assigning an editor.

Click the add a new post link to bring up the new post screen.


Click the title edit button to give your post a name.


If your blog is set to display a category, the category edit button will be available. author_category.png


Click the category button to enter a category name you feel best describes your post.

Once the preliminaries are out of the way it’s time to write your blog. Click on the edit button in the area directly below the title and information area. This will open the main edit area which includes the main edit tool bar. You are now ready to compose your post using all the html tools available to create a web page. You can add images, tables, links, as well as your basic text styling tools. For a complete description of the editor read the Editor Help Pages.


If you find that you need to delete a post click the Delete Post link   editor_options.png

A confirmation window will appear. Click Cancel to abort the operation or
to complete the delete operation.