All California Public & Private Schools in the Calexico Unified School District

Select a School from the Calexico Unified School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Aurora High (Continuation)641 Rockwood Ave.
Calexico CA 92231-2700
760-357-7480  760-768-1459 242 Public 
Blanche Charles Elementary1201 Koke Rd.
Calexico CA 92231-
760-357-7375  760-768-1462 990 Public 
Calexico High1030 Encinas Ave.
Calexico CA 92231-2560
760-768-3980  760-357-9640 2133 Public 
Calexico Mission School601 East First Street
Calexico CA 92231
760-357-3711   388 Religious-Denomination 
De Anza Junior High824 Blair Ave.
Calexico CA 92231-2495
760-357-7425  760-357-8251 1200 Public 
Dool Elementary800 Encinas Ave.
Calexico CA 92231-2559
760-357-7400  760-357-8909 705 Public 
Enrique Camarena Jr. High1201 Kloke Rd.
Calexico CA 92231-
760-768-3808  760-768-3858  Public 
Jefferson Elementary1120 East Seventh St.
Calexico CA 92231-2956
760-357-7380  760-768-1827 953 Public 
Kennedy Garden2300 Rockwood Ave.
Calexico CA 92231-1726
760-357-7416  760-768-1670 822 Public 
Mains Elementary10 655 Sheridan Ave.
Calexico CA 92231-2096
760-357-7410  760-768-1446 531 Public 
Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy11 535 Rockwood Avenue
Calexico CA 92231
760-357-1986   560 Religious-Denomination 
Robert F. Morales Adult Education Center12 1201 Kloke Rd.
Calexico CA 92231-
760-357-7471    Public 
Rockwood Elementary13 1000 Rockwood Ave.
Calexico CA 92231-2333
760-357-7390  760-768-1893 761 Public 
Vincent Memorial Catholic High14 525 West Sheridan Avenue
Calexico CA 92231
760-357-3461   270 Religious-Denomination 
William Moreno Junior High15 1202 Kloke Rd.
Calexico CA 92231-3490
760-357-7437  760-768-1905 1258 Public 

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