All California Public & Private Schools in the Berryessa Union Elementary School District

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SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Berryessa Union Elementary1376 Piedmont Rd.
San Jose CA 95132-2498
408-923-1830  408-254-1802 Public 
Brooktree Elementary1781 Olivetree Dr.
San Jose CA 95131-1933
408-923-1910  408-923-1635 482 Public 
Cherrywood Elementary2550 Greengate Dr.
San Jose CA 95132-2699
408-923-1915  408-258-8356 519 Public 
Christ the King Academy2530 Berryessa Road, #142
San Jose CA 95132
408-298-2969   51 Religious-Denomination 
Laneview Elementary2095 Warmwood Ln.
San Jose CA 95132-1251
408-923-1920  408-262-5804 549 Public 
Majestic Way Elementary1855 Majestic Way
San Jose CA 95132-1940
408-923-1925  408-254-1315 523 Public 
Milpitas Christian3435 Birchwood Lane
San Jose CA 95132
408-945-6530   521 Religious-Independent 
Morrill Middle1970 Morrill Ave.
San Jose CA 95132-1637
408-923-1930  408-946-0776 842 Public 
Noble Elementary3466 Grossmont Dr.
San Jose CA 95132-3119
408-923-1935  408-937-5006 529 Public 
Northwood Elementary10 2760 East Trimble Rd.
San Jose CA 95132-1055
408-923-1940  408-942-9032 442 Public 
Piedmont Middle11 955 Piedmont Rd.
San Jose CA 95132-2820
408-923-1945  408-251-2392 1161 Public 
Ruskin Elementary12 1401 Turlock Ln.
San Jose CA 95132-2347
408-923-1950  408-937-4846 643 Public 
Sierramont Middle13 3155 Kimlee Dr.
San Jose CA 95132-3605
408-923-1955  408-729-5840 916 Public 
St. Victor Elementary14 3150 Sierra Road
San Jose CA 95132
408-251-1740   312 Religious-Denomination 
Summerdale Elementary15 1100 Summerdale Dr.
San Jose CA 95132-2934
408-923-1960  408-937-4923 563 Public 
Toyon Elementary16 995 Bard St.
San Jose CA 95127-1103
408-923-1965  408-937-4908 467 Public 
Trinity Christian17 1333 LeFont Drive
San Jose CA 95131
408-573-7270   64 Religious-Independent 
Vinci Park Elementary18 1311 Vinci Park Way
San Jose CA 95131-2792
408-923-1970  408-254-3790 701 Public 

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