Easy to Create, Easy to Use, Easy to Share, School Websites

Your school's public website is your gateway to communication within your school community. Keeping your school community aware of changes and involved with your school is essential in today's world.

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Simple, Easy and Fast

Technical knowledge is not necessary to customize or update your website. True WYSIWYG browser based editing is as simple as posting to your favorite social media site, using a standard word processor or e mail program.

Click, Edit, Save.

It's that simple, really.

Any computer

WebSchoolPro allows you to manage and edit your website without special software, directly through a web browser securely, from any computer, anywhere, anytime. You can create and edit text, place pictures and graphics, create dynamic calendars, post updates and newsletters, add pages, blogs, photo galleries and more - all in real time.

Browser based.

if you can post a status update on FaceBook™, or type an email, you can create a feature rich website with unlimited pages, dynamic calendars, school photo galleries and slideshows, start a blog and much more. Customize your website adding as much content and as many pages as you like using any web browser, from any computer, anywhere, anytime, in real time.

Safe and Secure.

With multi-level secure user access down to the page level, you are in complete control of who edits or contributes to your school website at all times. Using the built in revision tool, you can even see who modified any area of your school website, on what day, at what time, and revert back to any of the 10 previous versions with the click of a button!

Daily Backups.

Your website and your data is protected and backed up off-site every day.


Your school website resides on our dedicated education only servers located at SoftLayer, one of the largest secure server facilities in the world. Rest assured that your website will always be accessible and never be blocked due to "shared hosting" conflicts. 

Encourages Involvement

  • Updates help keep today's busy parents connected and involved in their child's education.

  • Groups, Clubs & Teams — all can securely contribute their own content keeping your site dynamic, informative and up to date.

  • Distributed Responsibility & Workload. Because you can assign editing priveleges down to the page level, delegating responsibility for site content updates is not only easy, it's enjoyable.

  • Organization & Communication. Use your website to organize activities and fund raisers, communicate with your school community through automatic updates, dynamic calendars and blogs.

Additional Security and Safety

  • WebSchoolPro's emergency alert system EdWire™ enables school administrators to broadcast to parent and student emails and send text messages to registered cel phones by posting a single message.